Used IBC Tank

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Used IBC Tank Palet Plstik Terpakai Palet Terpakai


Available in many different variations (pallets, valves, filling openings)
Available with 640, 820, 1,000 or 1,250 l volume
Approved for filling products of a maximum density of 1.9
FDA approval (optional)
Perfectly suited for high bay warehousing
Bottom plate made of steel to provide stability and to facilitate minimum residual contents from the inner container

IBC Tank (Recon)

Product Specification ;
* Size : 1160mm(H) x 1200mm(L) x 1000mm(W)
* Opening Diameter : 144mm /- 3mm
* Capacity : 1000Liter
* Tare Weight : 57kg /- 3kg
* Pallet Type : 4 Way Composite Pallet

❚   Approved for filling products of a maximum  density of 1.9
❚   Perfectly suited for high bay warehousing
❚   Can be stacked up to 4-high
❚   Reinforced, warp resistant tubular steel grid jacket
❚   Additional corner guards to protect the inner  container
❚   Available in a variety of equipment package

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